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Apple Studio Display

For my birthday this year, I was treated to a new Apple Studio Display. I’ve always been envious of Apple-branded monitors and have wanted one at least since I first saw the 30” Cinema HD display. I got the height-adjustable stand option and I don’t regret it a bit; the movement is very smooth, and the craftsmanship of the piece is great.

One thing of mention, however, is my experience with the built-in webcam. It has received a lot of bad press, with its image quality being mediocre, at best, especially in low-light situations. I should note that this is not my work webcam (which I use constantly through each day). I primary use it for calls to family, and often when my kids will come into and out of the call. For this reason, the Center Stage feature of the camera works very well, dynamically expanding and contracting the shot as people come in and out of range.

I’ve used it quite a bit, and I’ve found the picture quality acceptable, the audio quality much better than expected, and the overall experience very nice. I’ll always wish for better video quality, but I’m very happy with the camera’s currently level of performance - enough so that I’ve exclusively used the Mac for FaceTiming over the iPad Pro I have positioned immediately to the right of the screen.