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Keyboard play, part 2

First, I tried the Keychron Q1. I got one with a knob, which I like to use to control volume on my Mac, and which I dislike since the knob is in a key-shaped hole in the top case.

When I am programming (especially on Windows), I find I’m a heavy user of Home/End keys, and I find the traditional tenkeyless 85% keyboard more comfortable. Enter the Keychron Q3. No knob on this one.

I’m eager to experiment with a split keyboard for the first time in many years, now that Keychron has an Alice layout keyboard with function keys. It also has a knob with a proper circular case hole.

My switches sweet spot is Gazzew Boba U4T switches. I prefer lighter springs. I also love tall key caps, and find the Drop MT3 keycaps to be the perfect shape. They come in ABS and in PBT, but I vastly prefer rougher feel of the PBT. The 9009 and the 2048 are on my Q3 and Q1, respectively.